• Release Schedule and Freebie

    Jeremiah and Carsten are writing away on the last two chapters of the Gateway Station and the Protectorate series, The Government and The Fleet. To keep up with the higher-than-expected pagecount, we needed to adapt the release schedule a bit to make room for proper editing and another entry of the Elite Paths series – Elite Paths: Soldiers will come to you in February.

    To make up for the wait, we have added a freebie for all our Patrons: the Guide to the Earth Belt chapter from the upcoming Pirate’s Guide sourcebook, which includes a map of the Sol System. Enjoy!

    Check it out on Patreon!

  • Welcome to our new Publisher Website!

    Our Vagrant Workshop web presence has been improved to become more organized and modern. One of the better features is that it runs under the same roof as our german label, Pro Indie – the language switcher on the top right of the page allows you to go back and forth at any time. Our Shop has been reworked as well, although that one is mostly targeted at EU customers.

    In the meantime, we published a new entry of the Elite Path series on Patreon – this one featuring the Merchant Path. Due to the website outage, we are lagging behind on the layout, so fixing that will be our next priority. For our german-speaking customers, we have released the digital version of the Equinox Gamemaster Screen (link switches to german!). Check the status of our active projects on the Our Games (those interested might find it useful to switch the langauge on this one).

    A few articles have been lost along the way, but we’ll dig them up from the bowels of our database. As usual, we’ll keep you up-to-date on everything going on in the ‘Shop on our News page.

    That said, come on in!