Wir freuen uns, das unser erster Equinox-Roman, Fold Shadow, jetzt als Kindle eBook erhältlich ist (Links weiter unten). Eine gedruckte Version gibt es auf Lulu, diese ist allerdings sehr teuer. Wir arbeiten daran, eine kleine gedruckte Auflage zu einem besseren Preis in unserem Shop zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Der Roman ist in englischer Sprache verfasst, eine deutsche Übersetzung ist aktuell nicht in Planung.

Hier der Klappentext:

In the dark night of a distant future, the shattered remains of Earth drift through the cold void of space. The shadows of the past have been driven away, and the dark clouds at the horizon appear to be man-made. Vagrant rebels fight against the oppressive regime of the Consortium that rules over the scattered colonies of Earth. True freedom can only be found among the stars, the Vagrants say. This is a time of danger and wonder. A time of mystic energy and miraculous technology. A time of living ships and ravenous demons. This is Equinox.

On the run from a vengeful pirate, Jael Overbold and the tiny crew of the Rustsprite need a big score, fast. With only their mystic powers, a little ingenuity, and a hybrid ship with one tiny flaw, they take a job smuggling a rich, empathic yol home to the water world of Yolusture on the other side of the universe. In theory, it should have been a simple job. Get the client home in time to deliver her baby, and in exchange, get rich enough to pay off the pirate king that wanted their heads decorating his bulkheads. Even their cynical Pilot had to agree… it could work.

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