Dark Places (English)

Dark Places (English)


Afterlife Mystery Roleplaying

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We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes our sins are so grave that our souls attract the attention of something beyond the world we know. There are things out there between life and death, and they dwell in the Dark Places of the human soul. As I crossed the threshold between life and death, between light and dark, I became something new–a Shadower. I have a new chance at life and the power to exceed my wildest imagination. But I am not alone, and if they are at all the kind of men and women that I was in life… they cannot be trusted.
–Sheluvi, Obsidian Noble

Dark Places is a tabletop roleplaying game featuring a slick, gamemasterless play style immersing four players in the politics and dangers of the Dark. Experience a shared world of tragedy, darkness, and–in its own twisted way–triumph. Dark Places requires no gamemaster or referee; it invites all players to equally share the experience of telling the story of their Shadowers and the mysteries of the Dark. The core rulebook contains all the rules required to tell a tale of the rise and fall of those consigned to the Dark Places.

An optional deck of cards for use with the game is also available. The deck consists of 55 cards in US Poker-Size (2.5” x 3.5”), with round corners and low-gloss UV coating. It contains all the cards found in the roleplaying game book, plus another 26 bonus cards exclusively available in this deck.

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