Itras By – The Menagerie (English)

Itras By – The Menagerie (English)


A cabinet of curiosities for the surreal roleplaying game Itras By.

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Itras By: The Menagerie is a cabinet of curiosities for the surreal roleplaying game Itras By. New scenarios, setting elements, short games, tools, cards, articles to help your group fine-tune the game for your purposes.

Emily Care Boss from the foreword (abbreviated):

“The game captured something for me. A period, a mind-set, a feeling. Surrealism, German expressionism, dada, modernism, poetry, dreams. All these were there. But also, a slipping feeling, where the ground beneath you becomes sand. The solid pillars of reality pass through your hands like smoke. Meaning comes into question. The realm of creative play in role playing games harnessed to embody that feeling. And yet keep us grounded in the shared story. With the Menagerie, we revisit this ground with new tour guides. They give us tools as players to embrace the surreal in our game, flexing our imaginations and abilities to encompass the unknown. The authors even lead us to look sideways at our own world. Raising prickly questions about the arbitrary nature of what exactly we all may believe to be real and true.”

The Menagerie is brought to you by Vagrant Workshop and an international team of 40 creators. They are quite the ”menagerie” themselves, representing LARP and OSR, professionals and hobbyists, scholars, and artists. All share a passion for roleplaying and the strange.

Though primarily a companion to Itras By, The Menagerie may provide tools for players of other games.

20% of profits will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Itras By: The Menagerie has won the category Best Indie Supplement of the Year 2017 award of the Indie RPG Awards.

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