A hotbed for criminal activity, the city is only a shadow of its former glory. While it once as a beacon of hope and freedom, it now offers great opportunities and serious money to shady people of all kinds.
You and your crew of misfits have specialized in thrilling and dangerous heists, hoping for the big score that will set you up for life.
Heist is a roleplaying game about a crew of criminals in a city filled with illegal opportunities.
What’s your score?
We’re about to launch Heist on Kickstarter and would like to be part of it.
There are many inspirations for this game, starting from classic heist movies like Ocean’s 11, over any criminal-with-a-golden-heart action flick, TV-Series like Better Call Saul, to video games like the Grand Theft: Auto series. The feel and scope of all these influences varies, much as the way you and your group will play this game.