The gargantuan ring structure known as Gateway Station is a shining beacon in the night, a marvel of human engineering, and a symbol of the Protectorate’s dominance over the Sol system. Gateway threads the vast expanse of the Earth Belt and houses more than three billion people, countless industrial facilities, space ports, docks, warehouses, and military areas, as well as the Protectorate headquarters.

To some, Gateway is a shining bulwark against the forces of evil.
To others, the legacy of Earth has become the eye of darkness.

Gateway Station and the Protectorate is a sourcebook adding further detail to the Equinox Universe. In this book, you learn more about how the Protectorate government is organized, its movers and shakers, and its long history. Explore Gateway‘s open-sky habitation areas, its industrial sectors filled with production facilities, habitation hubs, warehouses, and automated systems. Take a journey from its abandoned and rotten bowels to its spaceward-facing outer shell and find out what lies here and beyond: space traffic control, ports, the big asteroids held close for mining, and the vast military power of the Protectorate Fleet.

For use with the Equinox Setting and Match System Guides.


8.5×8.5”, 168 pages

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