A hotbed for criminal activity, the city is only a shadow of its former glory. While it once was a beacon of hope and freedom, it now offers great opportunities and serious money  to shady people of all sorts.

You and your crew of misfits have specialized in thrilling and dangerous heists, hoping for the big score that will set you up for life.

Heist is a roleplaying game about a crew of criminals in a city filled with illegal opportunities.

What’s your score?


Heist is set in the modern world. You collectively create the setting for your game world, however, which starts with picking a city to play in, tweak its background a little, add major players as well as places of interest. Your crew will be connected and invested in this setting, and have an impact on the stage you designed together.

The game comes with a rules framework designed to help you tell a story and develop your characters. Heist provides as much room for interpretation as possible to avoid the rules getting in the way of telling an exciting story, so you can bend and interpret them to suit your group’s individual tastes. From conflicts to vehicle chases, Heist promises thrilling capers and deadly action!

Task and conflict resolution is built on a simple system using two ten-sided dice, where you try to hit a target number or less on each die. Success and failure are rated by how far off you are from the target number, accompanied by beneficial or hindering side-effects. So you might just make it … at a cost


Heist has been designed to be as compact and useful as possible at the game table. This booklet contains the core elements of the rules, and all processes required to run the game. The text has been carefully edited and layouted to contain all the facts you need to know about a topic on a single page or double-page spread. Everything else—clarifications, elaborations, examples, and additional info you will probably only read once—will wait for you online (a QR code is provided).

Available Titles


Character Sheet (Letter)

Stage Worksheet