“Overall, I’m frankly blown away by Itras By. If you like Gormenghast, Twin Peaks, Kafka, Mieville or even Roald Dahl, you will find something to intrigue you.” —Andrew Peregrine, Review on rpg.net

The city is the dream the Goddess abandoned.

At first glance, the city appears like a scene from a faded sepia photography. An image of early modernity. Trams, hats, the first automobiles, black-white silent movies. Beneath this veneer, however, we hear the unpredictable murmurs of our collective subconscious. The monsters in our own basements.

“Weird in the best way, Itras By comes with a mind-boggling setting just bursting with challenging situations and a genuinely new approach to game play. A big part of what makes this ambitious game work is the deck of cards that drive play.” —Jason Morningstar in Itras By: The Menagerie

Itras By is a table-top roleplaying game featuring a deceptively simple method. It caters effectively to improvisation, freeform and immersive play. The cards included teach the playstyle, and support the players in coming up with challenges and twists. Itras By is anarchic, but GMed. Chaotic, yet concrete.

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Basic Card Set

Character Sheet (Menagerie)

Card Set (Menagerie)

Card Drop (Menagerie)

Ouja Board (Menagerie)

Shadow Carnival Characters (Menagerie)

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