The Earth Belt threads through the eye of Gateway’s ring, an endless stream of billions of tons of broken rubble and debris averaging 5,500km in diameter, with some pieces as large as a small moon and others as small as a grain of sand. The fragments of Earth, its moon, and countless other planets, sucked in from other planes by the Nexus, are now spread far and wide for millions of kilometers along Earth’s original orbital path. The Earth Belt is far more than just an asteroid field; it is also sheathed in a powerful astral field, giving the belt a strange duality. It‘s a living place and, in the wake of the Great Netherwar, the hazardous center of trade in the Consortium.

The Pirate‘s Guide is a sourcebook adding further detail to the Equinox Universe. In this book, you learn more about the seemingly endless stream of rocks passing through the eye of Gateway Station’s ring. The Earth Belt is home to countless people, creatures, mysterious entities, and … pirates.

For use with the Equinox Setting and Match System Guides.


8.5×8.5”, 84 pages

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