“Yes, the Fleet is huge and has millions of vessels and men at their disposal. They control the Earth Belt, regulate and inspect the trade traffic, and have put up a sizable blockade at Pranatur (which isn’t even a topic in the media). The shape of their Marauders is known even to children in the member systems, and their service is the most important one in the entire Consortium. Yet the Fleet Admiralty is much less known—some people don’t even know they have one, as Gateway’s Defensive Council has the most presence in all news streams—and you never get to read stories from the crews manning their ships. All that’s available is neatly sanitized by official news services, and if you research Fleet action for independent reports, you’re destined to end up in real trouble (believe me; three years in the mines of Xak taught me that). So, let’s skip the official material and read something worth your while—a story that is not directly about the Fleet, but connected to it in many ways.”—Brela von Gwenn, Twilight Archives

The last chapter of our Gateway Station and the Protectorate sourcebook covers the Fleet. However, if you are looking for statistics and numbers of the proud vessels serving the Earth Belt or reports and diaries of the brave officers manning these mighty ships, you’ll be disappointed. Such files are worthless, because the Fleet redacted them. They contain no tangible information because the Fleet doesn’t want you to know. Instead, follow the footsteps of Wil Heijanan to the other side of Sol. His diaries and research into the Great Netherwar will paint a much clearer picture.