»A man must defend his territory, slay his enemies, and lay as many women as possible.«
Utterance attributed to Kuthroc, the legendary warlord

You are a real MAN. Your arms are thick like young trees, most others wouldn’t even be able to lift your sword from the ground, and your dong is 10 inches long. No shit!

You swim rapid rivers, climb sheer mountain faces, and hunt tigers and bears in the deep forests of your homeland. You slaughter your foes like cattle, wading ankle-deep in their blood. You fear no one! After battle, you get smashed on mead and grab yourself a woman for some fun. In short, you are a BARBARIAN!

If you thought regular fantasy roleplaying games were sexist and full of glorified violence, get a load of this: BARBARIANS! – The ultimate Macho Roleplaying Game.

BARBARIANS! is a satirical roleplaying game far beyond the limits of good taste. If you like dirty jokes, trashy splatter porn fantasy movies, or Manowar you’ll love this. Raargh!

Warning – this book contains some explicit language!


A5, 96 pages

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